Tax-Free Saving

Child Tax-Exempt Savings Plans

In addition to a Junior ISA or Child Trust Fund, you can open a Child Tax-Exempt Savings Plan offered by Friendly Societies for an added tax advantage that could help you save even more for your child. More information

Child Trust Fund

The Child Trust Fund was abolished from 1 January 2011 and replaced by the Junior ISA. However, existing Child Trust Funds may still be topped up until they reach maturity, with a new increased annual contribution cap of £3,600. More information

Child Trust Fund Transfers

During the life of a child trust fund, there are no restrictions on when you can change accounts or how many times you choose to do so.  Transfers can be with the same provider moving a CTF from a cash to a stakeholder fund or the other way around.  Alternatively, the fund can be moved to an entirely new provider. More information

Children’s Bonus Bonds

National Savings & Investments Children’s Bonus Bonds, backed by HM Treasury, also offer long-term savings for children from a minimum of £25 to a maximum of £3,000 per Issue per child. More information