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Hope for Children

At Compare Junior ISA we know that as a parent, you love your child more than anything imaginable.  However, not every child is in a position to receive Juniors ISAs, a Child Trust Fund, or Childcare and Benefits.

What would happen if a Child is an Orphan? What if that Child was exploited?

We are concerned about every child’s future in the world and we would like to do whatever we can to ensure that the next generation grows up in a happy and healthy environment. Because of this, we are fundraising for Hope for Children in order to provide help for the children who need it most.

Hope for Children are a registered UK charity whose aim is provide help for disabled, orphaned, poor and exploited children, particularly those living in developing countries.

Please join us in our campaign to raise £1,500 for Hope for Children and help us to make a difference when it matter most.

Remember, you can make a big difference to a child’s life by just giving a little…

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Children are our future, let’s change their future together.